Ah, the life of a gal with sensitive ears. As a little girl, I always wanted to wear those plastic earrings that came in 20 varieties on a sheet. My mom took me to the closest Claire’s or Kmart, and I’d buy a pack with my allowance. I’d plan my outfit for school the next day to incorporate the new hot pink roses or lime green tulips. After 8 hours of hardcore hopscotch and tetherball, I’d come home with bright red earlobes cringing in pain. My latest investment turned out to be another failure in a series of attempts to wear trendy cheap jewelry. I’ve had my ears pierced three times after paying the price of these infections and I can honestly say that I’ve made this mistake again multiple times as an adult. No, I wasn’t swayed by plastic pink flowers, but costume Chanel studs that I couldn’t walk away from. Now that I’ve officially lost my final pair, I have vowed that after 30 a girl’s gotta learn to let go. Since I rarely wear silver, it’s 18k or above from this point forward. Who’s with me?!

Here’s the Wednesday Want List–practical jewelry style:


Alex Stud Earrings – LOREN HOPE ($58)

Crystal fete earrings – J. Crew ($58) These are a cheat. Dear Mom, I promise not to purchase, but for those of you with non-sensitive lobes…they are killer! A must with graphic tees and destroyed denim!

Lucite® Drop Earrings – ALEXIS BITTAR  ($135)

Blue Quartz Teardrop Stud Earrings – ANNA BECK ($150)




Dust your shoulders off

Serti Bella Drop Earrings- GAS BIJOUX ($188)

Tulum Tassel Earrings GORJANA ($58)

Misha Tassel Clip Earrings KENDRA SCOTT ($125)


‘Lobe Wonder‘ Earring Support Patches KENDRA SCOTT ($10) Dusting one’s shoulders with one’s earlobes is never in style…keep them lifted with this brilliant support by K. Scott

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.01.23 PM

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