How to Introduce a New Color Into Your Life This Fall

An Ode to Ochre

Taking on an unfamiliar color and adding it to one’s wardrobe is scary, but I have found that things which make me a little uncomfortable are typically a good decision in the end.

This is why I’ve chosen to embrace the many shades of yellow this season. These colors present challenges and opportunities for creativity! I am feeling better incorporating it a little at a time. Interested in trying a new color this season? Check out my tips below!

#1 This is your warm-up–

Try out hints of the new color. Maybe there are splashes in a printed silk scarf or in a feather on a bohemian hat. This is a nice baby step to get comfortable seeing the color complimenting pieces that are already in your life.

#2 Current wardrobe… meet your new color friend–

Buy a bag and shoes that are easily incorporated into your existing wardrobe as well as compliment the new color!  This way, when the statement piece is purchased, they’ll be something in the current comfort zone as a sidekick.

#2 – Accent Jewelry–

I recommend accent jewelry that takes the new color to the next level. I love blues and greens so these earrings below from Target were a budget-friendly addition to my bold jumpsuit.

#3 Embrace an occasion to debut the new you–

People have told me that yellow is a happy color, and I haven’t found a hue that has spoken to me quite like this ochre one. For the past two years, I’ve attended the Life is Beautiful music festival in Downtown Las Vegas. It’s a combination of music, art, and science. Due to the number of things to do, there is quite a bit of walking involved. I have to say, I felt super happy, comfy, and ready to dance in this jumpsuit.

I hope these tips help you step outside of the box this season and get excited about a new color.



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